Question: Is SRL Diagnostics NABL Accredited?

Who is the owner of SRL Diagnostics?

SRL LimitedSRL Diagnostics/Parent organizations.

What is NABL certification?

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration LaboratoriesAbbreviationNABLFoundersDepartment of Science and Technology (India)TypeAutonomousPurposeAccreditation servicesProfessional titleNABL13 more rows

How do I prepare for a NABL audit?

Collect and organize the following items in preparation of your ISO/IEC 17025:2005 assessment.Quality Manual. … Standard Operating Procedures. … Normative Documents. … Scope of Accreditation. … Master Document List. … Approved Subcontractors List. … Approved Suppliers List. … Complaint Log.More items…•

What is the full form of SRL Diagnostics?

Diagnostic Super Religare Laboratories (SRL) has rechristened itself as ‘SRL Limited’ and created a new brand identity of ‘SRL Diagnostics. … Accordingly, “Super Religare Laboratories Limited” will now be known as “SRL Limited”, and all the diagnostics centres will be branded as ‘SRL Diagnostics’.

Is Dr Lal Path Lab NABL accredited?

Dr. Lal PathLabs, Rohini is NABL certified pathology lab in India. It is also among the few Indian laboratories which accredited by CAP (College of American Pathologists) and Certified by ISO 9001 (International Organization of Standardization).

How do I know if my nabl is accredited?

To search NABL accredited laboratory, please visit When you bring the cursor on laboratory search, a drop down will come and then click on accredited laboratory. To know the all NABL accredited testing laboratory, select field testing and click on search. The complete list will be available.

Which is better Lal Path or SRL?

SRL Diagnostics is in the Health Care Services industry. Compared to Dr Lal PathLabs, SRL Diagnostics has 2,793 fewer employees. … Compared to Dr Lal PathLabs, Thyrocare generates $114.7M less revenue.

Is Srl and Ranbaxy same?

SRL Ranbaxy is now owned by the promoters of Ranbaxy Labs. SRL Ranbaxy has set up four regional testing facilities since beginning operations in ’96. The company has facilities at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mohali.

What means SRL?

limited liability companyFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SRL or S.R.L. may refer to: a designation equivalent to limited liability company, that may be appended to the end of company names: Società a responsabilità limitata (Italian)

Are pathologists real doctors?

A pathologist is a physician in the medical field who studies the causes, nature, and effects of disease. Pathologists help care for patients every day by providing their doctors with the information needed to ensure appropriate patient care.

How good is thyrocare?

Thyrocare is reputed as an NABL, CAP and ISO certified diagnostic centre, which proves their genuinity. Thyrocare is well-known for providing reports within the shortest span of time. They have a proud history of genuinity for more than 20 years. Thyrocare has enabled free home sample facilities.