Quick Answer: How Soon Can I Run After A Grade 2 Ankle Sprain?

Is it OK to walk on a sprained ankle?

In general, if your pain is bearable, you should try to walk or bear some weight while using crutches and a protective brace, because these activities promote healing.

Some people who have repeated or severe sprains can develop long-term joint pain and weakness..

Should I run on a swollen ankle?

As long as you are able to run without pain, I would not worry about the swelling, though you should apply ice to your ankle for about 15 minutes after running. I would recommend that you work on ankle motion, strength and balance.

How long will a sprained ankle stay swollen?

If your sprained ankle is moderate (a grade 2 sprain), it may take you two to three months to recover. You’ll need to take care, as you may be prone to spraining your ankle again in the first four to six weeks while you recover. You may notice some pain and occasional swelling for some time afterwards.

Will running on a sprained ankle make it worse?

If you sprain your ankle while running, you may find you’re able to continue to hobble along for a while, but soon, inflammation will set in. After this, any further running will be extremely painful, if not impossible.

Is it OK to exercise on a sprained ankle?

For minor or moderate sprains, most people can start exercising their sprained ankle after a few days of rest. Simple motion exercises and strength training are essential to help the ankle heal properly.

How long keep rice on sprained ankle?

Begin immediately after an injury, and continue treatment for the next 24–48 hours. Rest the injured area. Avoid moving it and try to keep weight off it.

How do you strengthen a sprained ankle?

Try the following simple range-of-motion exercises:Trace the alphabet with your toe, which encourages ankle movement in all directions. Trace the alphabet 1 to 3 times.Sit in a chair with your foot flat on the floor. Slowly move your knee side to side while keeping your foot pressed flat. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes.

What helps a sprained ankle heal faster?

TreatmentRest. Avoid activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort.Ice. Use an ice pack or ice slush bath immediately for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat every two to three hours while you’re awake. … Compression. To help stop swelling, compress the ankle with an elastic bandage until the swelling stops. … Elevation.

How soon can I run after sprained ankle?

As mentioned previously a mild sprain may see a return to running in 1-2 weeks, a very severe sprain may need 4-6 months. In order to return to running without risking re-injury you need full range of movement in the ankle, good muscle power (with equal calf strength) and good control of movement.

What is the fastest way to heal a Grade 2 ankle sprain?

Tips to aid healingRest. Resting the ankle is key for healing, and wearing a brace can help stabilize the injured area. … Ice. Using an ice pack may reduce blood flow to the injury and help ease pain and swelling. … Compression. Compression helps stabilize the injured joint and may reduce swelling. … Elevation.

How do I run after a sprained ankle?

How to Return to Running After a Sprained AnklePhase 1: Invest in Healing First. Although you’ve already done this, it is worth mentioning that you need to invest time in healing after a sprain. … Phase 2: Restore Ankle Range of Motion and Strength. … Phase 3: Return to Activity. … Phase 4: Strengthen Your Ankle. … Phase 5: Set Goals and Transition to Running Strategically.

Can I run on a Grade 1 ankle sprain?

Grade 1 sprains are light sprains that usually allow return to sport in 2-3 weeks. Grade 2 ankle sprains involve greater injury to the ligament and can take up 4-6 weeks to allow full return to sport.